Allen Say: Kamishibai Man

Kamishibai Man


The Kamishibai man used to ride his bicycle into town where he would tell stories to the children and sell them candy, but gradually, fewer and fewer children came running at the sound of his clappers. They were all watching their new televisions instead. Finally, only one boy remained, and he had no money for candy. Years later, the Kamishibai man and his wife made another batch of candy, and he pedaled into town to tell one more storyhis own. When he comes out of the reverie of his memories, he looks around to see he is surrounded by familiar facesthe children he used to entertain have returned, all grown up and more eager than ever to listen to his delightful tales. Using two very different yet remarkable styles of art, Allen Say tells a tale within a tale, transporting readers seamlessly to the Japan of his memories.

Now the plague is receding, and Americans are busy rebuild-ing civilization under orders from the provisional govern-ment based in Buffalo. Their top mission: the resettlement of Manhattan. Armed forces have successfully reclaimed the island south of Canal Street--aka Zone One--but pockets of plague-ridden squatters remain. While the army has eliminated the most dangerous of the infected, teams of civilian volunteers are tasked with clearing out a more innocuous variety--the "malfunctioning" stragglers, who exist in a catatonic state, transfixed by their former lives. With an emphasis on intense and sophisticated flavors and a bountiful helping of the author s expert techniques, this collection of frozen treats ranges from classic (Chocolate Sorbet) to comforting (Tin Roof Ice Cream), contemporary (Mojito Granita) to cutting edge (Pear-Pecorino Ice Cream), and features an arsenal of sauces, toppings, mix-ins, and accompaniments (such as Lemon Caramel Sauce, Peanut Kamishibai Man free epub Brittle, and Profiteroles) capable of turning simple ice cream into perfect scoops of pure delight. "From the Hardcover edition.""

Author: Allen Say
Number of Pages: 32 pages
Published Date: 27 Sep 2016
Publisher: Walter Lorraine Books
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780618479542
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